We co-founded the Diaspora Emerging Leadership Programme with Nat Wei (Rt. Hon. Lord Wei of Shoreditch) to nurture, mentor and train potential future leaders from the British Chinese diaspora communities to become tomorrow’s global leaders.


We are very proud to have contributed to the on-going success of the 75 mentees to date, many of whom are on their professional journey to becoming highly successful leaders.


There is no such thing as a level playing field. We have also been very struck by many young leaders finding it difficult to find  communities of like-minded people from diaspora communities to share, learn and develop jointly.


So we have decided to expand our horizons to create the Diaspora Talents community and invite talented men and women from all diaspora communities and create an even stronger, more visible and powerful community of leaders to give them a helping hand with their personal and professional developmental journey.


We are far more impactful as a collective, visible force.  It will also help us to fill the much-needed pipelines for many types of jobs where many diaspora communities are under-represented.


When smart, like-minded groups of people come together, they create powerhouses and engines and achieve positive, strong impact for communities. We can become a powerful force for good, particularly  in a post-brexit Britain.





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